Australian Geographical RadioFrequency Map

RFMap featured in GQ Australia (April/May 2012)!

You can also have a listen to this podcast of a radio interview I did on with Ian Woolf on 2SER:
"Balint Seeber Mashed Up Radio"

UPDATE: I have written an extensive guide with plenty of screenshots explaining how to use the map to the full. The contents of the guide can be found to the left of this text (at the top of this page's left-hand column). Read it if you wish, or dive right in. Alternatively, open two tabs/windows and go through the guide while trying it out live.

The Australian Geographical Radio Frequency Map is a site that overlays all registered RF transmitters on top of Google Maps. Generic antenna sites are shown with the red RF icon, while mobile base stations are represented by the carrier that operates from the site (often multiple carriers do, but currently the first is chosen when determining the icon). A mouse-over will give you the site's description, and a click will tell you who broadcasts from there, and at what frequencies. Much more is to come...

Although people by-and-large won't be terribly interested in the positions of every antenna in the country, they might be interested in checking how close they are to their nearest mobile base station, how good a carrier's coverage is in a particular area, and for prospective spectrum purchasers to assess possible interference, etc. However, having said all that, it is primarily in the ham spirit.

Here is every transmitter site cached in the database, which is fully searchable from the web interface (shown below) by location, site name, client details, frequency range, emission designator and callsign:

Here is a browser preview:

Here is what it looks like on the iPhone:

And on the iPad:



V. useful. Thanks.

V. useful. Thanks.

Incredible site

Fantastic site. Used it to locate 3G tower to determine the frequency of the antenna to purchase and to correctly orient it. Had to use the ACMA Radcoms register before, and it was a PIA. I only accidently stumbled on this site. Somebody has to try to get Google working for this site.

#1 for "australia radio

#1 for "australia radio map"... I'd say Google's working for it now. :)

Wow excellent. !

I noted the availability of this info a few months ago when I was trying to solve a coverage problem for a customer. It was in some cruddy system that I forget.
At the time I imagined it nicely presented on a Google map and put the idea away for another day...However your actual working demo blows away even my imaginary one.

Very impressive.