The Early Days

These are screenshots from the first working version of the system. You'll notice one obvious bug: some of the altitudes are impossibly high (the was an extra un-necessary bit shift).

If you wish to see photos of the first proper outdoor test of the system on top of the tallest hill in Sydney Park, please have a look at the album in my gallery.

  • The entire app:

  • In a web browser with the Google Earth plugin:

  • VAU28 coming in to land on RWY25:

  • Here's a sample of the map:

  • This aircraft is the furthest one received so far (just shy of 300km):

  • The map can show some extra information, such as IFR/VFR markers, as well as the current runway configuration of your favourite airport (notice the red-green lines on 34L & R indicating the take-off direction):

  • The signal-strength distribution plot shows how the decoder is performing over a range of RSSI values:

  • There is also a per-airframe RSSI graph which is interesting to follow as an airframe approaches/flies away from the antenna: