Evolution: Cool Moments for Modez

The following series of images were captured/created when a milestone or new record was reached. There are more technical images and notes on the Modez wiki page. If you wish to see photos of the last major outdoor test, which involved five laptops, two USRPs and an SBS-1, please visit the album in my gallery.

  • To get an idea of how full the sky is, the map is zoomed out significantly. The furthest plane is ~318km away:


  • Live streaming JavaScript-based feed for Google Earth, including trails. Here an aircraft has taken off on runway 34R:

  • Lots of surface position reports at YSSY:

  • First non-aircraft surface position report (the gray airframe icon in the cyan circle):

  • Evolution of the DSP front-end in terms of improving the noise floor:

  • Once again, happy with the results (and in the knowledge we're slightly nuts for lugging so much gear up a hill, and staying on into the cold, dark night):