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This was our major assignment for Software Engineering throughout years 1 & 2. It is a full online ticket booking system for an imaginary domestic airline: a complete client/server development with a web-based frontend, standard GUI administrative interface and 'robust' backend as proved by the B method.

This is the largest project of this type (client/server internet eCommerce) I have undertaken: the frontend is generated using ASP on IIS. It connects to the backend via DCOM. The backend itself has a high-level abstraction layer using MFC, which calls the lower-level C code that was generated by the B-Toolkit. The administrative interface is a normal MFC application that accesses the backend via DCOM too.

Go Hy-Fly! (consisting of Ed 'Edgar' Li, Benny 'MingStar' Chen, Kim 'Commander' Pham and me).

You may download the PowerPoint slideshow we used for our presentation here.

You can check out screenshots of the front- & back-end of the system by clicking the image above.

* As you may well have realised, AusAir Blue doesn't actually have any flights scheduled. As a result the only flights available in the database are those we used for our demonstration. To complete the booking process, you'll have to fly between Sydney and Canberra and then
seek back in time to May 2004 to find those two flights! I still have some seats reserved, so you may end up on the waiting list...

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